Crash Rated Bollards

Strategic buildings, assets, people, and public open spaces all have something in common: they need vital protection on their streetside perimeters. That’s where crash-rated bollards and furniture can provide permanent physical perimeter protection. These crash-rated products are designed to mitigate high-speed vehicle crashes upon your asset. No matter what the purpose of your asset is, physical barriers are vital to maintain an integrated solution for high-level physical security. All of our crash-rated products meet the highest ASTM F2656 and IWA-14.1 and PAS 68 performance standards for crash-rated products. They deliver permanent physical protection against cars, vans, trucks, and other larger vehicles. Bollards Direct USA features a wide selection of crash-rated products, from bollards, gates, and barriers to aesthetically pleasing crash-rated street furniture. These integrated solutions can soften the landscape to look less threatening while still proving physical security that is hidden in plain sight.