Automatic Gate Barrier

Our smart parking boom gate barrier is an automatic gate barrier controlled via smartphone and it is used for guarding car parks, entrances, restricted areas, checkpoints, or any other kind of exit/entry point, controlling road traffic in both directions.

With the modern design, robust and protective barrier - Parklio™ Gate - is made of powder-coated steel and designed to be resistant to all weather conditions. This smart rising arm gate offers long-term reliability, efficient operation, and durability. A wide range of barriers arm lengths makes Parklio™ barrier gate applicable to any type of space where there is a need for regulation. Automatic Parklio™ Gates are a perfect solution for controlling the entrance and exit from public and private areas, from small to big parking facilities.


    • Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS)
    • Long-term durability
    • Digital key sharing option
  • Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
  • Accurate and safe system operation with encoder
  • Automatic rising with Parklio™ Smart system
  • Adjustable (3-6m) folding arms
  • Quality product resistant to weather conditions
  • Smooth and efficient operation
  • Obstacle detection
  • Secure operation with safety devices
  • Possibility of integration with other systems
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