Loci Bench

The Loci collection offers a powerful visual impact alongside ergonomic comfort. The seating elements in the Loci collection are formed in precision fabricated steel with emeri timber slats. Loci has a distinctive lightness and transparency and has an asymmetric design style which runs through the full suite of products.

Loci offers the ability to customize the furniture to suit the scheme. Select from a range of seating elements including seats, benches, and tables. Select from a range of vibrant RAL colors for the main body framework and accent framework to create visual cohesion to suit the space.

In addition, the vibrant powder-coated finishes provide robust and durable protection without the need for environmentally damaging galvanizing processes, reducing your project's environmental impact.

Loci is suited to a variety of spaces including educational and residential spaces.


  • Modern asymmetric design style
  • Ability to customize Loci to suit your scheme
  • Combination of fabricated steel and timber