Manchester Ferrocast Bollard

Manufactured in a robust polyurethane, the Ferrocast Manchester Polyurethane Bollard can withstand the rigors of any modern urban environment, serving as an effective demarcation of pedestrian and vehicular routes.

The Manchester Bollard is designed to cope with extreme weather and challenging conditions. Its polyurethane make-up is built around an internal steel core that only serves to increase security and safety by bolstering the bollard's core. A strong non-ferrous coating reduces rust and corrosion, meaning the bollard requires far less maintenance and is ideally suited for use in busy urban and marine environments.

  • Ideal for use in a diverse range of urban environments
  • Manufactured from polyurethane built around a strong internal steel core
  • Non-ferrous exterior lowers the need for ongoing maintenance work
  • Stands at 39" 2/5 high with a diameter of 8" 9/10 




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