Mouv'roc Lion

Mouv‘roc® is an amenities solution designed to enable as many people as possible to exercise free of charge. It can accommodate up to 11 people simultaneously, whether they are occasional or experienced, young or older fitness enthusiasts. Mouv‘roc® is
also suitable for persons of reduced mobility. It‘s really an urban fitness hub that encourages intergenerational interaction. The apparatus available on Mouv‘roc® is fixed and the user can exercise in complete safety with all or part of his body weight.
Pictograms along with QR codes inform the user about the appropriate exercises for each piece of apparatus. Mouv‘roc® is compact and perfectly suited to the constraints of dense urban spaces.



Mouv‘roc® Lion comprises a central box to which the apparatus and roof are secured. It can accommodate 9 pieces of apparatus that can be used for up to 90 different exercises. Its broad roof, supported on posts, makes it suitable for exercise in all weathers.